Sunday, October 19, 2008

Desperate Times

As a blogger/blog reader, you know that it's not the best of times when:
  1. The unread items in Google Reader consistently shows over 200 unread items, in spite of your best efforts in hitting the 'mark all as read' button every few days.
  2. You are reluctant to go to the original articles (when they provide only partial feeds) to read the full thing and/or comment for want of time.
  3. Your only chance to catch up on the blogs is on your phone when you're travelling to and from work (and that gives me a bad headache).
  4. The only time you think about your blog (crying for attention and post-less for more than a month) is when you're making things-to-do lists for your imaginary long vacation.
  5. For the first time since college, your pile of unwashed clothes contains every single item in your wardrobe. This is in spite of the fact that I have not one, but two washing machines in the house compared to zero in college. [In case you are interested in buying a rarely used, good as new Haier washing machine, please email me asap. I promise you a great deal. Special offer only for my blogger pals. Please put 'Washing machine - Special Blogger Discount' in the subject line and pray that gmail doesn't send it to my spam mail.]
You guessed right, I have the the usual suspects to blame for lack of any blog activity in the last month - work (I'm talking 13-14 hours per day without the luxury of a holiday on Sundays). What makes me sadder is that things are only going to get madder from now on leading up to the big showdown around the end of this month. After that, I hope to get away from all this madness for 3-4 days with a bit of travelling. Then it's back to work again till my big break (fingers crossed!) around Christmas time.

As I type this, it sounds scary to me - what I'm looking at is 3 full months without a single post. That would be like a death knell for my blog, and I'm determined to not let that happen. Let's see how things pan out in the coming days. Meanwhile I've got a pending tag from Cris which I hope to do some time soon. Till then...


Praveen said...

13 hours a day???
thts insane man!!!!
hope 2 c u back soon

Anonymous said...


mathew said...

13 hrs a day...:-O
evide one firm was striking coz 35 hrs/week was not employee friendly as they see it...uh....

Cris said...

Glad you remember the tag :-)
If it makes you feel better, I'd love to say that "busy for 3 months, working 13 hours a day". Sigh why does it always work the other way? Trust me, its a lot better than having all hours of the day to yourself, entirely jobless!

Thomman said...

Ok man, but make sure you get those stories while you work. Plus, there's badri's story spanning 7 countries pending.
P.S. 13 hrs?? That's how much I sleep a day.

Santosh said...

Philip..that means you dont have that many hours of work now? You are lucky pal.... because that is the average now a days people put in. The moral of the story is that still you need to write. One hour to undo that 13 hours. :)Don't disappear.