Saturday, May 31, 2008

I’m Reading, Listening, Thinking, Watching...

I haven't been actually tagged, but I decided to take this tag up because g-man saved me from Divine Wrath by taking up a previous tag of mine. This time, I've decided to tag people.

Reading: The Kite Runner (Khaled Hosseini), Games Indians Play (V. Raghunathan), The Argumentative Indian (Amartya Sen)

Finished reading: Love in the Time of Cholera (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

Listening: to anything that my Walkman throws up. My player is currently paused on "Smells like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana. Mallu, Tamil, Hindi and English songs are due to come up at random from this crazy playlist.

Wearing: my uniform (yes, you read that right - U-N-I-F-O-R-M). No, I'm not still in school. I'm at work and we have to wear uniforms to work. So I'm currently wearing light-blue coloured shirt and beige trousers.

Personally, I think uniforms are great. You don't have to worry about what to wear every day. Just put on the uniform and go to work every morning - saves a lot of time and money. When somebody casts aspersions on your taste, just blame the company for curtailing your creativity and freedom of expression by imposing uniforms.

Watching: my back to ensure that my boss doesn't sneak up on me and catch me blogging at work; Rome, an HBO-BBC series of outstanding quality; the IPL; birds.

Thinking: about life in general and where I fit into the scheme of things; when Kunz will buy a bike; where I left my keys.

Loving: restaurant hopping, blog hopping and the Chennai heat (43 deg C AND 80% humidity).

Hating: having to come to work on Saturdays.

Missing: nice homemade Mallu food.

Hoping: 10 Downing Street (the pub, silly) would start letting stags in.

Craving: for long holidays, like the ones I used to get during summer while in college.

And now, I tag thee:

Njan van Kalip (the Dutchman who won't be going to Amsterdam for some time, after all)

Badri (the Devil who refuses to Be Evil nowadays)

Jyotika (the prettiest computer geek ever, and a poet at heart)

Silverine (the diva of Mallu blogging, whose prolificacy is matched only by her spunk)


silverine said...

Craving for long too...sigghhhh! And uniforms are swell! I like the idea! Will take up the tag soon!

Badri said...

errr....what is tagging and what are the effects of tagging?

will it cure me from my pneumonia?

g-man said...

ve always wanted to read the kiterunner. should go to eloor tomorrow and take it.

where do you work?

Philip said...

silverine: Looking forward to it.

badri: Tagging is a super-efficient way of getting lazy bloggers to post. There are other uses of tagging also, but that doesn't concern you for the present :)

Not only will it cure you of pneumonia, it will also help you put back the 10 kilos you lost in a month (because of the sedentary nature of tagging). Side effects include having to answer stupid questions like 'Will it cure my pneumonia?'

g-man: I work in an automobile company. If you are looking for more specific answers, you can drop a mail and I'll reply :)

silverine said...

"Side effects include having to answer stupid questions like 'Will it cure my pneumonia?" LOL!!! :))

RONY said...

Though I like the idea of Uniform (for reasons you explained), I really hate the new one for 'that Group 4 thing'! And thats one big reason I have not yet got it stitched :-)

Neena Padayatty said...

Love uniforms...miss the blue table cloth checks...One of our teachers had once agreed to consider nail polish as part of the uniform if all of us wore blue nail polish with white stripes!That did the trick.

Philip said...

silverine: :)

rony: haha...still laugh thinking about the time those girls asked you for direction in Forum. I still think it was because they found you hot and not because of you uniform ;)

neena: wow! that was an ultra cool teacher you had! Blue nail polish with white stripes? That would be considered radical even in the fashion capitals.

In our school nail polish was a strict no-no. So girls would flaunt their 'nude' nail polish. I never got the point of nail polish if it was transparent.

whyte_nyte said...

Oyy..TDS allows stags..just tht they sit in a different room :) go thr on tuesdays..rock nite..decent music...

mathew said...

The Kite Runner (Khaled Hosseini) awesome book it is..isnt?

Chennai heat (43 deg C AND 80% humidity)..hehehehe...I guess you dont see ice creams in the open for more than a few seconds!!;-P

Mathew (Nvk) said...

Will take up the tag soon enough. What I am not missing right now is home made food. Getting lots of it! Ok, not really. Only whatever little my mother is letting me have. But much better than mess food.

Glad to hear that you are enjoying Rome. Got more good stuff for you.

PS. It's a pity about Amsterdam. Sob, sob.

Philip said...

whyte nyte: Hardly a way to enjoy your drink, I'd say. Fenced away from the PYTs and that too only for one day of the week. But still will give it a try.

mathew (spark): I really can't form an opinion on The Kite Runner from what I've read so far. But friends have told me it's an awesome book. And now you too - will definitely have to finish this one soon.

mathew (NvK): More goodies! Great! Can't wait to get my hands on it.

Santosh said...

Love in time of....what a scale!! Isn't? Hope you have been to Macondo as well. Garcia is the best.