Friday, February 08, 2008


1. NYKline, Hanjin, P&O Nedlloyd, Hyundai, Maersk, Hapag-Lloyd are all companies engaged in which business?

Ans: Container transport / Logistics

2. This element’s soft, blue luminescence earned it a name derived from the Latin word for a ray of light. It was used to paint glow-in-the-dark instrument panels and clock faces until the painters noticed it seemed to kill them - despite prior warnings from the element's discoverer about not putting radioactive things in their mouth, they shaped the paintbrushes with their lips.

Ans: Radium

3. Diego Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ goal in FIFA World Cup ’86 is (in)famous. Against which team did Maradona score this fatal goal?

Ans: England

4. According to legend, this city was created by mythological king Putraka by magic for his queen Patali, which literally means Trumpet flower. The history of this city starts around 490 BC when Ajatashatru, the king of Magadha shifted his capital to a more strategically advantageous location to fight his main enemies, the Lichavis. The city got its present name during the rule of Shershah Suri in the 16th century. Give both the ancient and present names.

Ans: Pataliputra, Patna

5. * Tuvalu is a tiny Pacific island, (the fourth smallest in the world and the smallest member of the UN in terms of population). However, with the internet boom, this country started reporting a surge in cash inflow amounting to USD 4 million a year. What ‘national asset’ was the reason for this?

Ans: Tuvalu’s .tv internet TLD, which it licenses to television companies

6. This list has a name. It is very specific and exhaustive. Give me the exact name.

a. Shadja 1

b. Rishabha 9/8

c. Gandhara 5/4

d. Madhyama 972/729

e. Panchama 3/2

f. Dhaivata 5/3

g. Nishada 15/8

Ans: The Saptaswara of Indian classical music (you could have got this by just looking at the first few alphabets of the words in the list – Sa, Ri, Ga, Ma..)

7. The first cloned sheep was called Dolly. When scientists at the Seoul National University (SNU) created the world’s first cloned dog, what did they name the newborn puppy?

Ans: Snuppy

8. Which is the largest Indian company in terms of revenues?

Ans: Indian Oil Corporation

9. According to Greek mythology, what happened when the Goddess of marriage (Hera, sister of Zeus) spilt some milk while suckling her child Heralces? For such a small event, the consequences were astronomical!

Ans: Formation of the Milky Way galaxy

10. Which organization’s motto is ‘Touching the Sky with Glory’?

Ans: The Indian Air Force

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