Thursday, May 07, 2009

My New Obsession

I finally did it. Bought the camera that I promised all of you I would buy. Well, not exactly the DSLR I had hoped to buy, but something halfway there. So I have followed my heart, but only after paying heed to Rags' words of good old fashioned wisdom. It's a happy compromise in my opinion. Doesn't pinch my pocket too much and the camera is good enough to take very decent shots.

I bought the Cybershot H10. I can already see the purists go 'yuck'. But when you consider that it costs only half as much as an entry level DSLR, has full manual mode (which admittedly is not very user friendly, but full manual nevertheless), 10x zoom and adapter for lenses, it's not too bad a bargain. In the 2 days since I laid hands on it, I've drained the battery twice doing all sorts of experimentation. It looks pretty good so far and I hope to get some nice outdoor shots soon. The way things are going, I might get an extended break in Kerala around the time monsoon hits - a mouthwatering prospect.
So I thought I'd use my recently learnt skills in photography to take a picture to accompany this post. It's almost full moon outside, so I went up to the terrace and fiddled around with aperture, shutter speed and sensitivity. After 15 minutes of trying, I got a decent shot of the moon, one which showed up the craters and all. I ran down, excited like a kid who was given a birthday gift in advance, and showed the photo to Mono. He looked at it and said, 'OK'. Then he went back to doing what he was doing before I disturbed him. It was just 'OK'. It was just the moon. And the 'craters' were more like dark patches on white marble. So I guess you'll have to wait a bit more to see some respectable shots from my new camera :)

[Picture courtesy cnet]


Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

Well, congratulations :)

ursjina said...

Congrats. I was equally excited when I got my Canon G 10. And still on the learning process. Guess we can compare notes

mathew said...

I bought my H2 in not anywhere a skilled photographer..but it had given me marvellous sure H10 would do wonders!! happy clicking times..;-D

Praveen said...

This happens to be my own new obsession too.. And like you I also settled for a non -DSLR to get used to photography...its a canon sx 10IS..
and as u said, many nights I've also drained batteries doing some horrible experimentations..

well, do post yours pics here soon..

BTW, I launched a photoblog recently, soon after buying my new toy..

Philip said...

karthik: Thank you :)

ursjina: Sure. Will make the learning faster

mathew: Cool. Reassuring to know that the H series is capable of marvellous snaps.

praveen: The SX was a camera which I seriously considered before going for H10. Good luck to your blog and I'll keep visiting to watch your progress and hopefully learn something :)

Nitram said...

Congrats! Now that you are all set with a cam, we are expecting a steady stream of pics from you!

Mathew said...

Congratulations! :)

scorpiogenius said...

Well, all the best with it!
You got some Gurus in photography? Ask our Sparkie boy in Germany ;) He may give you a few good tips :))

Philip said...

nitram: Soon. When the time is right.

Mathew: Thank you.

genius: I'll need a lot of gurus, sparky boy being one of them.

Anupama said...

Oh for that Sony camera! Regardless of what the purists say the kind of picture quality that a Sony will give you is unmatched. Congratulations on this acquisition and hoping to see some nice shots soon :)

Paro said...

Came across blog, when I was also seriously considering a good cam with manual modes. So how's it coming along? BTW how much did it cost?

Rada said...

In wet and humid Kerala, fungus is the biggest enemy of camera lenses.

Please put your camera in a box with lots of silica gel. You can get it in most chemists' shops.

Also don't forget to periodically recharge the silica gel by keeping it in a microwave for a minute or so, every month.

Looking after a baby is tough; looking after a camera is tougher! :-)

Al the best!

Sandeep Nair said...

Way to go Philip, all the best with ur H10. I actually considered buying one two months back, but then settled for a measly DSC W210. But I'll buy myself a good snapper once.

Zahra said...

Hey that's finally got your camera :)...have fun!!

Raghav said...

wtf ? rags here, and he is pissed.