Sunday, February 08, 2009

How I Went to Goa

How did Philip manage to go to Goa when the rest of the team had to undergo The Review and that too barely 15 days after he got back from a 2 week vacation to Kerala?

a) He lied about the death of an imaginary uncle
b) He had the sweetest of bosses
c) His boss wanted to get some work done and getting rid of him was the only way to do it.
d) It was written

7pm. 38 hours to go for The Review. 3 hours left for me to catch my bus to Goa. I'm wondering - how did I get into this mess? It was never meant to be this messy. I'd planned the vacation to start a good 10 days after the review. But, as luck would have it, the review got postponed. Twice. Hence the mess.

The project team is tense in anticipation. 38 hours to go for the biggest review our project has had. The powerpoint presentations are done and we are brainstorming on what could go wrong during the review. Many disastrous scenarios are being contemplated (which only leads to further worry) and escape routes being finalized. My mind is in turmoil. I'm waiting for a lull in the discussion or a coffee break or a blackout - anything to get 2 minutes to 'pop the question' to Boss in private. How do I ask with so many of my teammates around?

If ever there was a wrong time to ask for a vacation in Goa, this was it. It meant ditching your team in its greatest hour of need.But not asking meant cancelling air tickets and hotel reservations. I had never been to Goa in my 24 years of existence, because of which I've had to endure much ridicule from friends who believed that you've never had a real vacation until you go to Goa. What if I don't get the opportunity to go to Goa again for a another couple of years? What if I never get to go to Goa as a bachelor?

7.15 pm. I've been carrying the burden of this question for the whole day. Now there seems to be no hope. What I couldn't do in 9 hours won't happen now. I sigh resignedly and message Badri and Mono to go ahead. I will not be able to make it.

They message me back - Dude, stop being an asshole and ask him. We are tired of waiting here. Remember we agreed to go to Goa only because you'd never been there. Otherwise we're all cancelling.

Oh shit. Now I have to carry the burden of having screwed my friends' plans too.

"Ok. I think we can wind up for today. Since most of the work is done, you guys are free to decide what to do tomorrow. Just be available on the phone to give some clarification if I require it," says Boss.

A relieved team mumbles an OK in unison as they reach for their bags to pack up.

"Philip, where are you planning to go tomorrow? Corporate or Tech Centre? I suggest you come to Corp tomorrow. We need to refine some cost and BOM slides".

*Gulp*. It is now or never.

"V, I think we need to have a chat about that," I reply.

"Oh. You want to take the day off tomorrow?"

"I think we need to have a really long chat." My heart is pounding in my chest.

"Hmm...why do I get the feeling that you want to bunk The Review and go home for 4 days?"

Damn. Bosses and their sixth sense.

"Actually, yes." I didn't want to correct him and tell him I was planning to go to Goa, not home. Wrong time to correct boss.

The whole team turns to me. My audacity has elicited emotions ranging from admiration to anger.

"OK. No problem. Since you are not actually presenting anything I think we can manage."

And that was it. I did it. It was so easy!

I run out of the conference room we're sitting. I high-five a couple of guys on the way. I call Badri while running and yell, "Dude, turns out we are going to Goa after all."

d) It was written.


Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

Lol. You didn't actually say 'we need to have a really long chat'? :O lol.

silverine said...

"We need to have a really long chat" is exactly what I say to my Boss, believe it or not!! But I do that when I am escalating stuff :p Goa is beautiful isn't it? I have been there numerous times but I still cannot get enough of it!

Rada said...

OK, now that it is written as you say, make the most of your vacation in Goa. Have a great time! ;-)

mathew said...

hehe..nice one..its sacreligious to skip Goa!!

btw is happened similarly when I tried go home for vacation last year and the project wasnt finished yet..then did the usual sentiments story..

"Not seen home in last 1.5 father,mother, brother...."

Philip said...

karthik: I actually did say that...and that turned out to be the best reply to that question. Imagine the boss asking, "So where are you going tomorrow, Philip?" and me answering, "Goa".

silverine: Goa is fantastic!! are really lucky to have been there many times. I'm definitely going back.

rada: I'm already done with the vacation...and I had a brilliant time :)

mathew: you said it buddy. The pilgrimage to Goa might turn out to be a yearly affair if I had my way ;)

Anupama Kondayya said...

I should take some cues from that, take a vacation and take Goa. Coz I haven't taken a 'real' vacation either so far going by what your friends say :D ...good to read from you after a long while...hope you are all rejuvenated after the vacation...

thomman said...

Wrong! It's (c) His boss wanted to get some work done and getting rid of him was the only way to do it. :P

Badri said...

Wow so many people are following your blog even after your long vacation!!

Dude, get ready for short vacation and keep your boss well informed this time at least!!

ursjina said...

"What if I never get to go to Goa as a bachelor"
Now thats quite valid..
Anything for Goa buddy..
It indeed was written..or should be written in all bachelor and bachelorette destinies..;)

Cris said...

Corporate puppy Goanairre. Nice!

Philip said...

anupama: You should really go. Now I'm one of those guys who tell people that they haven't had a real vacation unless you go to Goa!

thomman: :) I'd like to believe that that is not the case.

badri: You bet...I don't want to go through this again

ursjina: Anything for Goa! Amen.

cris: Don't worry, I'm not going to sue you for calling me a Corp-dog Goannaire ;)

Renu said...

Came here from Rada's blog.
Nice :) And I believe it was definitely "written" for bosses aren't known to be this sweet. :)

Parvathy Panicker said...

I don't know who you are... but I am extremely impressed by ur writing style peppered with a lot of wit... keep entertaining people!!!