Monday, November 24, 2008

Add Another to the Third World List

In between all the chatter that the Aussie cricketers keep indulging in, both on and off the field, Hayden's comment about Australia's poor over rates being due to 'third world conditions' in India was most hilarious and decidedly WTF.

Now, I'm one of those guys who have lots of respect for Aussie cricketers. When an Aussie makes a statement I tend to believe it unless proved otherwise. Especially since they take it very personally if you doubt their honesty and integrity. That leads me to one question: Now that Aussies have been fined again for low over rates, this time in a test match in Australia against New Zealand, does Hayden still stand by his theory? There are only 2 ways about it - either Hayden accepts that his theory was wrong or he believes that Australia is a third world country.

From what I've seen of the arrogant, stubborn members of the current Australian team, I have a feeling they'd call their country a third world country before admitting they were wrong.


Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

Thanks for the link man! Awesome!

silverine said...


hammy said...

You know what they say - A bad workman blames his country for being a third world country.

Something like that. I never could keep the proverbs straight.

Rada said...

You being a cricket fan, the link below maybe interesting!

Karthik said...

I dont know why we need to care about some idiot's comment on calling us 'third-world'.

It is because we always want to know what a white-skinned person thinks of our country. We just need to ignore such comments and prove our might in the cricket field - and consistently.

Abraham Menacherry said...

This was the topic of conv at our luch today...

best to do in these situations.. just ignore!!! I mean, to even acknowledge it is like an insult for us....:D

Philip said...

ks: you're welcome :)

silverine: yup. such stupidity deserves to be blogged about.

hammy: hehe...bad workers blame third world countries. even i can't keep the proverbs straight.

rada: Thanks Rada!

karthik: Personally, I don't care what anybody calls India. I'm more interested in logical inconsistencies in people's statements (aka stupidity) :D

AMen: I kept ignoring a lot of stuff, and suddenly I realized that my blog hadn't been updated for a long time. Then I thought, why not Hayden?